Is the ebook debate won?

Is the time when you handled a paperback a distant memory?  Do you remember your fear of discovery as you commuted to work trying to hide your racy book inside a false cover?  Can you recall reading on a summer beach with the wind blowing the pages over and sand bunging up the spine?

The arrival of the ebook has changed all that.

But is it for the better? Letters in the press claim the popularity of the ebook will destroy our ability to read.  It will condemn our children to an existence where they’re wedded to their ipad or Kindle or whatever. They tell us the older generation love the smell and feel of a solid book too much to convert to an electronic device.

True or false?

Recent American stats suggest half of all readers with ebook devices now read more books than they used to.  Their purchase of ebooks is rising. And more than half the Kindle owners are over 35 years old.

Odd fact – teenage Americans show the most resistance to ebooks.  Any ideas why?  Possibly because it’s not a social technology?

So what’s your take on ebooks?

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