Jean was born in North Wales, UK and lived here until she married.

Her family moved to a sheep and dairy farm in the hills of Snowdonia National Park when she was 11.

She’s certainly prejudiced, but she still thinks it’s the most beautiful place in the world.  A wonderful place to grow up in!  She remembers with nostalgia mucking out cows and pigs, digging field drains, carting silage and hay, sorting hen eggs, rounding up mountain sheep on her fat pony. Welsh culture and the history of its struggle with England to retain its identity enthralled her. She read the Authurian tales in the Mabinogion and was stimulated to write love stories and poetry.  Without commercial success.

After university and teacher training Jean met her husband in downtown Birmingham UK  at a secondary modern school.  They lived in Leicester, Leeds, Coventry and Lowestoft (in Suffolk, East Anglia), bringing up three children and several foster children before Jean returned to teaching.  She edited small magazines and wrote articles for journals in her spare time.

Her short stories and poems began to win awards and she was asked to write a non-fiction study-guide to science and religion.  Now she has published her thriller novel Ruin of the Soul   Currently she lives in Norwich, where, encouraged by success she continues to write with ever more enthusiasm.  But she never forgets the inspiration of those early years