Ruin of the Soul

a thriller set in the mountains of North Wales.

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SCM Studyguide to Science and Religion          Jean Dorricott

SCMPress (2005)   ISBN -13: 9780334029755    ISBN-10: 0334029759

RRP £18.99

An introduction to the apparently incompatible subjects of religion and science. Part One of the book consists of four chapters covering the nature of God as revealed by scientific miracles, such as the Big Bang, the origin of life, consciousness, and the development of ethics. The author takes purely scientific discoveries and shows how they can be used to hypothesize about God. The second part of the book considers the historical relationship between science and Christian theology, then goes on to look at the historical development of areas of Christian thought that have created division between science and religious faith. The example of Christian theology is a basis for the same analysis to take place with other religions. The final chapters examine how any given religion can achieve a synthesis between religious faith and scientific understanding.

‘I happily recommend it because of its breadth, accessibility, openness to questioning,
and as a source of ideas and references. Although advertised as an undergraduate textbook, I can imagine many non-undergraduate readers finding this an enjoyable and
stimulating read.’

Anthony Bell 

Taken from Epworth Review, April 2006 © Trustees for Methodist Church Purposes. Used with permission.

‘Fresh, accessible.  The author has a talent for clear and direct writing and is very good at communicating scientific ideas in simple and compelling ways. I am sure that this book would find avid readers who would benefit from the lively and informative introduction to science-religion questions. An easy, racy style.’

Review by SCMPress reviewers

‘As an introductory text this book fulfils its aims of introducing young students to some of the basic issues between science and theology. By means of the booklists and websites students will be able to use this as a stepping-stone to further, more detailed study. It is a useful addition to the literature available to those who have to lead basic courses on this topic.’

Jon Reynolds, Science and Religion Forum Reviews.

It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love

an anthology of romantic short stories including one by Jean Dorricott

Third Age Press 2011              ISBN 978-1-898576-36-5               RRP £12.50

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It’s Never Too Late to Fall in Love

Twenty wonderfully varied stories chosen by competition, from 170 entries, by a panel of five independent and experienced judges. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll empathise . . . and, who knows, you might even be inspired to launch into your very own adventure!
The overwhelming impression is the huge and imaginative diversity in the stories. They vary from substantial works to the brief and witty; from moving and seriously observed, very personal, dialogues, to light and laugh-out-loud vignettes. Their themes and characters cover a wide range of situations, personalities and relationships but all, given that they were written by thirdagers, have their own ring of emotional truth.
Some prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that learning in later life is beneficial and it’s always worth having the courage to try something new, or follow an escaped balloon . . . you never know where it will lead. Travel obviously works for some (one story is even set in outer space!) while for others bird watching, handwriting, cats, mud and the broken heel of a woman’s shoe may be all that’s needed. But it’s also gratifying that romance can flourish at home and especially when an opportunity presents itself to re-kindle an old flame.